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No Say - text


Turned inside through another sick feeling
Abandoned for a lighter hope of change
Hands up to the ceiling
It's stick up time
I've got you in my future broader, broader, broader range
Same old story and song to dance to
Fast forward bring it back through revamped
I can't let your plastic caress
Stress and slow progress
With or without you
My brother till the end
I can't understand these pointed hands and comments now
Another look from your grill
I'm bustin' is leading now
Why you look for something dumb to say
Don't forget to say good-bye
Before you go away
Same old story. Want a piece of my glory?
You want the story it's ten to one
And you're history
Malicious how envious they ignore me
Same old story

Well, do not
Well, do not
Fix the riling clipping
Wreck the ball I break a slipping
Tuned up I spit I fleeting
For this fucking Puerto Rican
Reputation blown why you standing all alone
Call your mommy on the phone
But I took her out to bone
While your daddy sit at home alone greasing his bone
While I make your mommy moan sitting stranded on the phone
Trip tones you try to get what I got
And heard the bop-bop
This'll start the riot

I'm all caught up on conversational conversations that don't make sense
All grown up inspirational accusations and different faces
I got this I need nothing, no one
I got this on my own
I can't defend myself anymore

I can't defend myself anymore
There's no control of the fight that's left in me anymore
I'm growing like a sea of green monopolies
The smoke through all the sleeves
Grab hold and pull and squeeze
'Cause the disease is free and taking over we
Yeah us they can never see us, or take our arguments to grow to disbelieve us
If ever the time and change your mentes
It would be now because my spirit lies here naked
Do I scare you? (Ooh-aah!)
I'm coming closer. Do I scare you? (Ooh-aah!)
You're the average, a norm
The coming of the storm
You should thank your lucky star for where you live
And who you are

Chidin', changin' (Got a loss with ancients)
Owned by the strangers puttin' me in ranges
What's this cause?
For their teasin', teasin', teasin', for no reason
I can't defend myself any...
I can't defend myself anymore

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Video přidal DevilDan

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