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Finally Without You - text

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You lying fucking whore
I don’t want you anymore
I don’t need your fucking lies that for sure

No matter if you cry
I don’t care if you would die
So fuck yourself you bitch cause you're the glitch

But it hurts to sing this song
And in my heart I know I'm doing wrong

Here I am Here I am
Finally without you
So moving on we are done
Finally without you

When you're in love
You need to know
No girl comes from above
And in the end.. I will tell you I told you so

You fucking antichrist
You made yourself my kryptonite
If I would like some cola you'll be cola light

Your doing is not right
You’re not even worth the fight
Cause honey I want cola but you're cola light

And it feels so god damn right
Cause you were just a cola light

And when the sun comes down and you're going home
As you always do without a girl for you
Remember me and what I use to say.. boy you will thank me one lonely day

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