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I’m running over fields of freedom
Running from the morning to come
And I am running all alone

And In the dark the grass is glowing
Glitters when the wind is dancing
But no one else can dance along

But when I try to fly away
There is something that pulls me down
As the morning catches in
I try to fight it But I’m weak within

And when I try to understand
What the fields represents to me
It’s a never ending dream
When I am lost in my insanity

I’m standing with my past in my hand
Changing everything because I can
But more is coming up behind

I’m running over fields of freedom
Running for the morning to come
I've done it all I'm coming home

And I just really want to know what’s wrong with my shadow
Why it won’t follow why it won’t follow

I’m running in a dream away from my shadow
It won’t follow still it won’t follow

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