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Close to lose it all - text

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You're walking on a long road on your own
Don’t know where it ends but you got to go
You’re walking with a broken dream alone
You're walking on a long road on your own

You left it all behind just to start again
Trying to understand what you want to do
But you will rather walk in the pouring rain
And you will rather die than to feel the same

When you were close loose it all fall apart
Then I found you and I reached in to your heart
When you were close to let it go and turn back home
Then I found you and told you to move on
Alt: Then I found myself to love you on my own

You were walking on that road night and day
Fighting disappointments one at a time
And every step you took walking that way
You got a little closer to be fine

Never to look back for another try
put your time in what you really want to be
Never stop for what you know is just a lie
Walking on a road called clarity

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