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No Means No - text


Is it right what they said?
I'd be better of dead, if it's true
do you think its ok?
or does it break all your precious rules
I've got no reason to worry or to suffer
many people treated worse, many people treated rough
when you come against the grain they will try to put the blame on you
'Cause they're too scared to move, to come(?) against their precious rule

No Means No
No Means No
I don't worry about sin
I just worry about giving in
to all of their sure stains(?)
to all the terror of fathers and kings
to all the little dictators that shit on everything thats good
to the whiners and the cryers, the screamers and the liars
To the hypocrites who can't live up to all the things they talk about
to the guilty and the proud
i want to shout out loud


I don't like you
i don't like the way that you act
i don't care about you
I don't care, and that's a fact
if you want to live in fear
then run away, just disappear
if you want to run and hide, then shrivel up and burn inside
I don't give a damn for you
the choice is yours, it's up to you
if you wanna live a lie
then brother, go die



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