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All that you fucking got why don't you give it to me
That Raiders baseball cap would sure look good on me
I walk the streets at night and in my fantasy
All of the girls I pass have got the hots for me
I want a million bucks, I want a limousine
I want a jet to fly me to the Caribbean
You're gonna see my face on all the magazines
You're gonne hear me scream
I gotta gun, I'm gonna finally be someone
I gotta gun, I'm gonna cut somebody down
I gotta gun, I'm gonna finallly be someone
I gotta gun, I'm gonna shoot somebody
My Pop is dead, my Mom si shooting methadrine
All that I know is see it on TV screen
I kill the fucking starts, that is my fantasy
That fucking phoney geeks don't mean alot to me
I got no special love for reality
I got no fucking views on foreign policy
I'm gonna go dontown, I'm gonna have some fun
I'm gonna shoot someone
I gotta gun ...
The AM-PM guy is bleeding On the floor
The city cops are kicking in the swinging
I turn around, I know my fucking life is done
It's time to have sonne fun
I gotta gun ...
I'm gonna Shoot somehody

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