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Phone you mom, you're human
Don't play dumb, you're human
I know that you are anxiuos
You want more than this
Clean your mess, you're human
Get undressed, you're human
I know you're embarressed
Pale and hairless
Step right up folks and join the fun
See the amazing ape with his opposable thumb
You'll be shocked, amazed, even horrified
That so much can be so compramised
Little monkeys making money
Naked monkey looking funny
Mighty males are strong and free
Female monkey, not so lucky
Rocking monkeys, funky monkeys
Monkeys sticking other mnkeys
Monkeys wrong or monkeys right
Mostly flexing monkey might
Now you've lost your Eden
There is no returning
It stares up and out at you
It's not for you
I dn't care, I'm human
I'm too scared, I'm human
I know you want peace of mind
To be with your kind
You won't believe your eyes
A cranium of unparalled size
Immaculate if ill conceived
A sight not to be believed
Little monkey making money...
I like other humans
They're so very human
I know that it's obvious
We're all just like this
Only human

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The Worldhood of the World (As Such)

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