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Faceless - text


Faceless May she lives in a cave
Like a floating rock on a rippless wave
If she had eyes they’d be bright and wide
And the pitch black night would have nothing to hide
If she had ears the silence would hear
The steps of hunters creeping near
But she has no features she’s funny that way
Dear Little faceless May

Dear Little Faceless May [x4]

Faceless may has a withered hand
Stunted from stirring the pebbles and sand
If she were sad her acid tears
Would carve out the days and furrow the years
If she were happy her joyful cries
Would raise the dead and open their eyes
But she has no feelings
She’s funny that way
Dear Little Faceless May

Dear Little Faceless May [x4]

If you wanna find her and ask her advice
Cave a road out of melting ice
Walk to the sunset and pause to see
The burning rays as they cease to be
Wait for the moment to pass before
The mirror of what will be nevermore
Then turn to the left and close your eyes
And whisper these words to the dying light
Faceless May tell me please
Why do the fish only swim in the seas?
Why don’t they spread their fins and glide
On a rippless breeze to the deep blue sky
She won’t answer
She’s funny that way
She will not answer
She’s funny that way
Dear Little Faceless May

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