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Stick the knife into the crucifixion
Let the bastard's blood wash our hands
The heavens are crying
And the bloody rain is drowning the earth
Oh you! the knjaz of forest!
Oh you! the great mother moon!
Let this time be yours!
I'm merciless!
We are going into the midnight
Our banners is rised high
The fire of damnation is glowing in my eyes
With the blood of enemies, my hatred is splashing
The teeth are gnashing inside my head the rage is spreading with pain
The rage unleashed to the bastard
Let you die! let the worms eat your name!
The cry of ravens is telling about death
The disgusting marches are under my feet
jesus is the leader of sick and slaves
The disease has to be cured!
Drink the blood of jesus!
Suck the dick of christ!
Eat up your god!
Fuck his dead flesh!
The christianity must die!
The jews are fled fucking slaves
Let you be the food for my wolves!
The bastard's face is cut by the sharp thorns
It's mutilated by his own hypocrisy he's dead!
he's fucking dead!
jesus' blood
jesus' fucking blood

Text přidala GodKill

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