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Reach our cells abroad your hate
Lace the region with raw surreal hate
Let chains arise
Heal the region at your rate
Let your evil reach in and reach out
Lie to the skies
Fail to breathe
No blood to bleed
I thought id never suffer either
I dunno how to surcome your hate
I should be able to breathe
Cries eat your heart
I get chills
Let arrange all the
Scars in your brain
Let them reach in
In direction to your realm
Yours is your sense of our evil
Thats it not rot
Cries in your heart
Love your shadows
Loathe the world
Eat your light or degrade
Hear it echo
Hear me cry in the sky
Eat the blood
Eat it
Tear your light
Not their night
We cure evil through right
You tell me I'm dominated
In your skies
Black forest in your mind
Buried constantly
Around your world
You've lost your heroes
Swallowed in shadow
You'll hear the cry
Silence your shadows
You'll never reach through dark
You aren't gonna breed the right
Reach out your hand to grab today
You'll never reach a day of wholth
Eat your skies light and reason
Time for escape
Across the shadows
I shall be right at your place
Black forest
Eat your skies and reap my journey
I'm not really sorry we had the fright
Black forest of those swept
From the world
Crawl Kuyaviya
Your call Kuyaviya

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