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Up North feat Night Lovell x Coussin Stizz - text


[Verse 1: Cousin Stizz]
I'm 'bout respectin' the check
Cash up front what I expect
Sometimes I just recollect
Remember when shit got so ugly like Shrek
I got no heart in my chest
Niggas just shout out the set
Young boy but I still the vet
Bae I'm a wolf, oh no, I am no pet
You actin' bullshit, you talk out the neck
[?], we got all that on deck
Bro got the lean and he charge for that tec
Trappers know actavis is harder to get
Please, What you need? Nother zip
We move the tree on the strip
Lean limousine, colored tints
[?] that fiends Clean the crib
Can't trust a bitch, man, all my niggas pimps
Better have that blue up in your wallet
Niggas losin' juice is gettin' brolic
Finished packs when we ain't finished college
I know you rather keep the hammer polished
Im a business man come and get the product
Yeah its hot outside and we ain't in the August
So there's bodies droppin' bullets droppin' regardless dog

[Verse 2: Night Lovell]
Couple real kids for the case
Never say shit to my face, nigga
And they all stay talking
Could give a fuck about a race, I'm a north side nigga
It's a time that we all get cold
I'ma stay in a place I know
Last call for the real niggas
Last call for the north side
[Hook: Night Lovell]
I don't care about nobody
I don't care about nobody
I don't care about nobody, I don't give a fuck
Yeah, I don't care about nobody
I don't care about nobody, I don't give a fuck
Yeah, I don't care about nobody
I don't care about nobody, I don't give a fuck
Yeah, care 'bout nobody
I don't care about nobody, yeah

[Verse 3: Night Lovell]
Told a nigga "deal with the pain"
Truth be told, I'm so insane
Yeah, bitch don't touch my chain
Yeah, bitch don't touch my ring
Yeah, nigga don't say my name
Fake kids can't play this game
Yeah, man, move out my way
I'ma sip this Chardonnay

[Outro: NOK From the Future]
Feel some way on the north side
Black ice in them long nights
I slip down that road
The sunlight was scared of what I would become
It feeds on my heart
I remember yellin' I'd be home on the border
Other hand pointing with the burner
I swear to God I'd get away with murder
And I know too well
That vengeance will never bring warmth to my soul
I'm left in the cold

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