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Sinkhole - text


ad There is a strange and dangerous vulnerability underground
A man was in his bedroom
The earth opened up beneath the house and he fell in
The bedroom floor just collapsed
And my brother-in-law is in there
He's underneath the house
The earth opened up and left this giant sinkhole
Sinkhole [x17]

That area there where the sinkhole is
Is iterally beginning to sink
You know wha-what exactly is taking place I'm not sure that anybody genuinely knows
All of the sudden the ground itself becomes weak
And you've got sinking taking place
People have been evacuated from the area
Down here things start shifting
Things start moving

There was no floor no ground, nothing
Everything is gone [2x]
Sinkhole [x5]
The sinkhole was more than 20 feet deep
And completely empty
No bed, no body, just dirt
And everything was still sinking

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