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Hello sneaking man
You want to fix my mind
But I don't care for you
Your smile and the other lies
You were crawling around my bed
Sure I was afraid
Lord could you see my blood
And could you hear my prayer
Ooh let them burn
Ooh let them burn
Lost in your coldness
I couldn't know the rest
When the fear s.' is a jaw
Have you ever been drawned ?
Oh yes I'm falling
I always fall down
Ooh let them burn
I know you never doubt
But the day will come I hope
You gonna get the rope
You gonna have the snake around your sweet neck...
Lying in a place for nobody else
Words won't pass your mouth
I'm gonna bury your sufficiency
Deep in my own south
Well, I've tried to be patient
Oh lord my prayer can't
I can't hear you anymore
You're nothing more and more
Ooh let them burn
Ooh let them burn
Can't you feel the wound ?
And did you see the bounds
Have you ever heard a big breath ?
Huricanes of skin
Torrents of frailness
Can't you feel the wound ?
An indian fury
An indian Riot

I feel the wound that's all
I feel the wound that's all.

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