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like stars up in a clouded sky.
i stand obscured from view
whith shining eyes that did not lie
i turn the pages for you
the silent shadow in the night
i smile before i steal
behind locked doors in emptiness
i am the things you do
now i am your only friend
you must love the chameleon
not child, not man, no living thing
you have no time for rest
no thoughts no words to comfort
no smile or soft caress
i am the rock the wishing well
the secret to your fear
the lighted candle burning bright
the call from distant years
paroles et musique:
[ Bertrand Cantat / Noir Desir ]
the Chameleon:
[ E.Kuepper-Balley / E.Kuepper-Balley ]
Denis Barthe : batterie, choeurs
Frederic Vidalenc : basse, choeurs
Bertrant Cantat : chant, guitare, harmonica
Serge Teyssot-Gay : guitare, choeurs
voici pour les paroles de "du ciment sous les plaines"
bientot vont suivre les albums "Tostaky" et "Veuillez rendre l'ame"
Si vous avez des questions ou des corrections a apporter, envoyer moi
un E-Mail.

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