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It Ain't Lonely At The Bottom - text


I look around
I look around me
So many things to do
There's so many things to see
I'm lookin' up at
The Upper Crusties
I know they pity me
Because I do what I please

It may be lonely at the top
But for those of us who couldn't stop
We've got a hundred dozen friends
Who make sure the party never ends
We're at a one-way dead end cul-de-sac
I hit rock bottom, but it didn't hit back
I gotta say, this really ain't so bad

It's a funny thing, it's never lonely
I really can't complain because it feels like home to me
Tell me to quit and talking shit about
I really gotta say, this bottom ain't so bad

I got a demon juggernaut from battles I already fought
I put the cog in cognition, I'll sign my last resignation
There is a neon sign and a wooden plaque
They say, you've hit the bottom, we knew you'd be back
I gotta say, it really ain't so bad

Tell me to quit, I'm sick of hearing it
Don't see the benefit cause it's really not so bad
Just kinda sad

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