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FUCKMYSELF (ft. AR4Z) - text

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Y'all ready to do this shit
Fuck myself god damn
(Yea yea yea yea)
Fucked and drank all night
Acted all alright (Alright)
Had no need to fight (No need) tonight tonight
Fucked and drank all night
Acted all alright
Had no need to fight tonight tonight (damn, hey)
Fuck myself go fuck yourself
Don't need no help (ayy)
Deez bitches come and go and they don't see no wealth (damn)
Keep your segnorita
Oops I think she fell (ayy)
Keep a separate visa just to buy this shelf
I might do another line and feel the time by (hind sight)
Please don't push my buttons like a typewritte
Oh and I might slice (damn)
If the price right (ayy)
But that shit way to much
So she can cut the fuck (ah)
She either do the most or she don't do enough (damn)
Drag me through the mud
Drag me through your love (ayy)
Kat shit get me buzz
Go and bag it up (damn)
Let me tag it up
Let me tag it up (damn)
Ex all over my phone
She wanna rat me up (ayy)
B.R.B them boys please don't lack on us (ayy)
You claim you had enough
Just imagine us (damn)
You claim you had enough
Just imagine us
Fuck myself, I just fucked up
I think I left a handprint
Lord knows if I see that judge that man gone do some damage
Funny when you eating
It's like everyone a family
But when you famished
It's like everyone vanished
No I ain't just fucking anything
Bruh I got standards
Based on how she standing
Oh they call you candy
Turn you into a Candice
Have them going from hating to asking for them asses
It's glamorous (ayy)
Damn girl I gotta hand it (hand it)
Moved here from Atlanta
Did it on your own
Wasn't looking for any hand outs
Let me take you home test your energy and your stamina
Don't know if you be with it
But we can get it on camera
Don't wanna push the limit
Just tell me what you can handle (damn)
They trying to do any damage (ayy)
(Man) We can start with dancing
Then take it to the Hampton's

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