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Dark and unyielding the river glides,
conveying souls unto the other side
A black-clothed ship of damnation,
sail upon the winds of lamentation

In cadence of the dirge,
centuries of sorrow will purge
Merely to encounter one's nemesis,
enshrouded in mysteries
Endure the torture of emptiness,
stretching on forever

Pass over Acheron to the unseen land
And subsequently adhere to death's command

There falls an influence
numinous as well as profound
As the final epitaph resound
Legends from ancient lore,
foreshadow a desolate windswept shore
Where mortals neither speak nor stroll
hence abandoned beyond control

Exiled from the world of the living,
dead embark on the final crossing
To enter the nether region,
world of the deceased, oblivion...

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