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Engulfed in murmur and whisper
Drag, drag! No time to dither
Is this the wind, is this the beasts?
Step by step into the leafless trees

Passing by the meek and mourning
Fled by the peaceful yearning
Deepening the intensity of sorrow
Wasting away, life to borrow

Stained by rituals of blood's magic
Spoiled by the obsessed, manic
Command a thousand lives to fall
The Blood Rite Tree is standing tall

Stars withering in the open skies
No more sun nor moon to rise
The world surrendering to tension
Behold the collapse of the dimension

Weltering in blood, new life is here
Blood Rite Tree, summoned in tears

Silentium corporis - Silentium sensuum
Silentium consiliorum - Silentium verborum
Silentium cogitationum - Silentium mei
Silentium cordis - Sanguis arboris

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Video přidal DevilDan

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