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Universal Disorder - text


Between constellations i await
Hidden in an immeasurable iridescence
Beyond human understanding observing
The continuous twirls of the life wheel
A new cycle begins ending the one ongoing

Knelt down under the black veil of night
Watching the eyes of an enraged sky

Wrapped around the twisted trees
The darkness of the marsh reflected his sheen
To observe the eternal stars he was falling through the sun
Fleeting fragments illuminate the human journey

The glow of his decadence the brightness of his purity
once again the infinite chaos is raised above all else

Sacred Q'uk'umatz awake from your sleep
Spread your divine wings

The stars rise up above all the infinite
Until the spheres have turned twenty-six thousand years
To line up the axis of the heavens
And the past will come to you

Text přidala AveSatanas

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