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The Arrival Of The False Gods - text


There would never be found enough words
To alleviate the misery that
Cortes took to mesoamerican lands
Well never perform enough acts to redeem
Spanish barbarism at the gates of the kingdom of yucatan
Not even each and every drop of blood from
Fray diego da landa will return the descendants of
Yucatan the codices and memories he ordered to burn

Axe can you feel the flavour of glory
The impious constellations rise up with me
Im on the real way to destroy the life
Im the sovereign of fall things
Decrepid vision of a dirty god
Slave the whip will never leave your back

A million souls in sorrow your suffering are deserved
Angel without wings show me the face of your god

Storm in my head nature burns

A million souls in sorrow your suffering are deserved
Angel without wings tell me the name of your god

Algol with his glow illuminates my way to madness

Daring servant of double moral
Unpleasant preachers sermon
Sinner embrace the divine impurity
Larvae mass mountains

The unbearable true
Death is the freedom
Purity withers on your hands

Forgotten exploits of the messiah
Sacrilegious speakers of an abhorrent god
Turned into flames
Fire tongues are throwing silent prayes

The blood of the forgotten Christ
Carrions of a new world torn out
From the bowels of the earth

Angel without wings the purity withers on your hands

Text přidala AveSatanas

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