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The Abnegation and brutality - text


And there i found him
I could see him immaculate sitting watching me
And I cloud feel his being and I could feel his presence
We were face to face his eyes looked into mine
it was a cold stare challenging
And only a gesture made me realize
That not all human lives were worth the same

Only aspire to the beauty while you rot inside
You observe me like a whore
With desire and dirty repugnance
But you drink of me to satiate yourself
You've crossed the thershold you're victim of your desires
Glorified among the mediocrity
Indocrinated by prosaic beings

The screams will never hold back
The relentless fall of the blade

Possess the control of cities of bronze and stone
The masses are controlled under the hands of terror
vanal crowd writhing in pain
Between screams acclaiming for a semi god
Stupid scions aligned before a fickle messiah

Unattainable on the granite steps
Sat in your throne
You will soar over all things
Those beyond good and evil
Deciding the fate of the human life

The blood shedding of your victims will never be in vain with it you illuminate your path to eternity

Text přidala AveSatanas

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