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Realms in Decay - text


Rejoice at your misery as smudges of your imperfect world disappear like whispears in the wind.
Remain amond the passing times uknowing your brutal destiny
Thousand battles the destiny in his hands
you can contenplate his perpetual purity the brilliance of his challenging look to the infinite

appearing against god's wreath
To acclaim Ihu

Khala bhu-hu children of lhot

The masters of the light have met enraged by your decadence

Cold as his look imperishable Kings
Behold me I'm eternal

I reborn witch the power of a storm Trapped by hatred and ire
My eyes are empty of harmony deep as the abyss

Sons of the soberness,forged among steel batless
elected to be the supremacy

It will born a new tomorrow in witch we will be praised like gods remembered among the course of the times
The skies are opened to host us in their protection we have been elected by the power of light

Text přidala AveSatanas

Video přidala AveSatanas

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