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Invictus - text


I felt victorious today I felt undefeated
Among hazy memories embraced to the dimension of the dream
I lived an extracorporeal trip which introduced me
To thousands of millions of lives
This eternal journey took me along the lines of space
And time which my mind uninhibited performed in a few minutes
there was only one being that i felt and could not find
On my journey just like Friedrich Nietzsche said
God is dead or perhaps never existed

On the loins of the fever's deliriums
I crossed the hells of opium
Without my eyes I can see beyond all the stars
I'm the write of the Emerald Table
Pythia at the Delphic Oracle
I'm a Babylon whore

I see the ancient races the immigrants of atlantis and Lemuria the billions of lives that have preceded me

I'm an isis priets a slave in egypt
Tarpeya crushed pupil of socrates
i parade with the imperial legions
The Aeneas descendant

I take a billion forms I know all the lives
I feel the entire universe's knowledge
But where does the divine grace hide
Where are the wasted prayers thrown into despair

I exist in all beings and all beings exist in me
I feel myself in communion with the earth
But god isn't in me

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