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Across Heracles Toward - text


The dark night shelters me with his mantle of stars and
the moon hides itself behind the subtle clouds
when the rumor of the sea rocks the soul
The calmed sea reflexes the infinity in all its radiance
and more distant than the extensive oceans
the constellations judge us like gods
Can you feel all the energy of the universe
The flavor of the wine lulls my tongue

The cold sand from the shore makes me relive my defeats the fragrance of
the sea encroaches upon my mind
And for the first time feel the cold steel dancing on my wrists it carries me to the infinite
The tears begin to show up in your eyes

And a smile shows itself in your lips
You know that your trip has started
the last war cry comes out of your throat

The cold encroaches upon your universe
You will never know a dawn
Everything that you loved will be lost
the eternal rest captures you
And once again life escapes from your hands

Text přidala AveSatanas

Video přidala AveSatanas

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