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Invincible - text


This conversation sickens me
Please let me out, I'll take the bus
And though I try to understand
I didn't know
How can you say that I'm a fool
When all I do is help
Well I guess I'm a fool but I know that I'm
Not your pawn
That feeling is dead and gone

Pretend you're invincible and no one
Can save you from yourself
Pretend you're a super hero
A fucking zero
Trying to save the world

Please don't remind me of the past
It's much too late to work it out
And though I see the positive, I hear the doubt
Go off and hide your life away, these
Words are obsolete
And I'm crazy to think that you'll wake up
And come around
The silence is made with sound

Pretend you're invincible, there's no one
To tell you that it's wrong
They're all just as scared as I am
It's over someday
Soon it won't be long

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