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Fighting was your last resort but they failed to listen,
Fighting anything or anyone who holds you down,
Scream yourself horse and lungs start bleeding,
Swing till knuckles break and faces get punched in,
Fighting, its not too much longer until you finally realize,
That you're not made of glass.

Let em come, we'll stand right here
With clinched fists and eyes on fire,
Watching as bottles fly through the air,
This isn't how we wanted it but its what it is
Don't run for shelter,
Stand tall, stand tall and fight,
To feel alive for the first time,
Stand tall, stand tall and fight...
No turning back now.

Trying everything you can but nothings working,
Trying to create a life that you can call your own,
Images, fractures, staring at sun bleached pictures,
Nothings how it was or how you remember,
Trying hard to accept,
That you were meant for so much more.

Let em come let em come,
We'll stand right here.

Text přidala DeathWish

The Anatomy Of A Martyr

No Bragging Rights texty

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