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When a flat line is the only thing I understand but can't control
I realized the importance of saying I loved you, because I do
This is more than just goodbye
It's not my place to understand, why things turn out like they do
The same way I cant help how much I'll miss you, because I do
Though torn apart, still in my heart
Did you notice who was there to see you off?
Your family who cared for you and loved you oh so much
I'll keep our memories, as well as the promises I made
Please look past my tears the same way you saw past all my faults, though you're
I'll know I'll see you again
Until then
Not a second sooner not a second more, at 10:40 you walked through that door,
but not alone, you were never alone
Things will be so different
This can't be real, this can't be happening,
it's not hard to see, I wasn't ready,
when you closed your eyes who knew the change it would bring,
but I'll have peace when I see you again
Things will be different
The beautiful light you were, lovingly blinded us all,
but things will be different
Something more than just goodbye

Text přidala DeathWish

Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them...

No Bragging Rights texty

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