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Pictures armed with fake smiles,
Remind me of a time when I was lost,
Broken, and felt totally enslaved… (This is my life)
A life I hated, falling victim to routine,
I've always known that wasn't for me,
The life I wanted, so different from how we're bred,
Still these visions just won't leave my head…my head.

Don't say (don't say) that this is how,
A perfect life should be,
It's not perfect to me,
You try (you try) to justify,
The deadliest of lies so I'm bringing it down.

I'm bringing you down

Your plans are flawed [repeat]
This is my life, on my terms [repeat]

We fall victim to an unreal preset of a perfect life to live,
We try so hard to be the very person that we've always sworn to hate.

We curse the sky…we plead and begged for a brand new life,
We curse the sky…we hear their voices and we wish they would die. [repeat]

My dreams mean everything to me (we said goodbye…)
My dreams mean everything to me (to our old life…)
My dreams mean everything to me (I don't care if I'm wrong)
My dreams mean everything to me (I don't care if I'm wrong)

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