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Don't waste your breath on this campaign,
or this harbor,
Drop off the map and bring me back full circle,
I want these blinds to decay,
I want these blind men to say,
We want our shade back,
Act on impulse and make easy prey.

It's more than faith at sea,
It's more than hell set free,
I know that this is way beyond us,
But if the sky would fall,
It would enlighten us all,
I know that this is way beyond the soul.

Don't set your sights on charted roads,
Or safe horizons,
Provoke the winds to fill your sails and free your minds,
I pray their compasses fail,
I pray that courage prevails,
It's the only way you'll find me,
Being pardoned is for the dead anyway.

To courage at sea,
I want my life back,
To killing a dream,
To people being too scared to see.

Text přidala DeathWish

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