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Oh no
Once scaled roof tops now only serve as lonely monuments
to remind us of what we've done
The peaceful skies feel so empty now,
we've compromised so much we don't dare look up
The gentle sound of rain drops now sound like angry screams,
we know why they're mad,
We're screaming for a hero and though his absence makes no sense,
the bloody mask you're holding does
The sweet fruit that our trees once bore have all lost their taste
and are full of worms we know this because we eat them anyway
How does your foot taste now? Has your wish brought you contentment?
You damned the rescue boat to sea who can save us now?
We're all gonna drown
Oh, no
Broken bottles lay like stain glass windows in search of cathedrals,
But all they'll ever find is bare skin,
Puncture veins, bleed me dry, fill me with an anesthetic and a lullaby,
So I can lay comfortably in this bed of broken glass
Screaming for someone to grant you mercy
but you don't know who to ask who will save us now?

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