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Because You Believe In Something Beyond Them... - text


We found our fight, we found our fight
Be warned be scared, now say your prayers
Now say your prayers
Throwing bricks at the moon
But falling oh so short, I'll find a way to break the stars
I'm so sick of this thing gravity, I'm sick of them taunting me
The freedom of breaking ceilings
You don't have limitations when you see no boundaries
All you see is open fields for the taking
You don't have restraints when you don't know your limits
All you see is open skies expose the truth
Take your faith to the next step
You have a brain so use it, you have a voice so let's hear it
You lost sight, so get focused, you lost your faith so find it
When truth harassed your lips, it gave you the strength to press on
You're a big kid now so act like one, you're a martyr now so die like one
Falling in sacred potholes because that's all they are
Just holding cells, though I'm jealous of their peace,
expose the fear of the temporary
Screaming at the top of my lungs, I won't be drowned out forever
Frail words/promises provoked a change in me be warned,
be scared, the advent of truth is near
We found our fight expose the truth, take your faith to the next step
We're gonna burn, we're gonna burn for this
As flames long for flesh, they will have tested your faith
We're gonna burn, we're gonna burn for this
As they sift through the ashes they'll expose your faith
and may they never be the same

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Video přidala DeathWish

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