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On the road of riches my course ask my bitches bad
My low song my big... my pistol stash
Transition now they won't looking back
My brother home my daughter straight
Now what moe could nigga ask
How sis looking I'm gonna keeping cash
Cause I'm like that rolex second hand but under crystal black
I keep moving keep busting till I see aprovement
I know that I can't win em all but I can' t keep losing
I used to tell myself when life seem useless
When it felt like if I was a... for music
When pop show is... to pay me that was not exclusive
Is in the hood but sean courter no excuses
I... tell you I'm the reason they finish school
And if they wasn't for... wouldn't made through it
All on twitter like nigga gonna drop your new shit
I'm just taking time to make the proper... of my influence
Couple hundred thousand cash a few haters
... fees for no cases in a box of blunt slaver I give you
The streets sell the straight... issue
All they know my state of mind everything I've been through
They music for young hustles get they... to the prove of every young nigga
Bangin at what you can do
My big... go chance swagin
All money... that I'm sangin at all
Can't fade em fate can't change em
Still screaming f*ck a bitch and this bitches can't play it's true
In the game till this... can't play em
Respect a nigga pimpin because that... we don't save em
That's right, can't break em cause these niggas...
Make em steal... but I'll be... let's pray

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