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Withered Lullabies - text


See the meadows of tempest
rage furious,
withering lullabies.
In my eyes
there is not the sparkle once shined.

I will long for you
dear princess of tales.
Now there´s no way to go back,
withered heart, sunken chest.
I am mean to be alone,
no more hopes, no more dreams.
With the eternal wish to find
some magic to dwell in.

Drops of pain harass
what´s left in my soul,
withering lullabies.
Where are those
beautiful melodies?

Raven of the cliffs,
fly without black wings,
red eyes.
This crimson love,
once dawn now twilight of hope.

I will long for you...

Childhood´s light is gone,
love promise broken in shreds
which no one wants,
yet I still care for them.

I will long for you...

I will long for you...

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidala Himawari

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