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The Banished Princess - text


Once music had a princess.
She sang louder each day
for her beloved moon to listen to her
and the stars intone her song.
Owner of her voice
and of an army of muses.

The dream was broken
and the envious serpents banished the princess born from music,
making her wake up in a world
of tall towers and black smoke.

The world without crystal bubbles
and the banished princess walked
like just a mortal: lost, forgotten...
Lost in the void.

Once music had a voice.
A voice that out of the dream
fell in the abyss
and, in the deep inmensity of space,
a hand raised her up.

Two souls walked with
a common purpose
and she was alone never more.

The world, without crystal bubbles...

The shadow of her greatness
come to life.

Princess: My love?
Shadow: I will walk with you.
Princess: My voice?
Shadow: Will return to you.
Princess: Sadness?
Shadow: I´ll move it away from you.
Princess: My throne?
Shadow: You will get to it again.
Princess: Muses?
Shadow: They will come to you.
Princess: The path?
Shadow and Princess:
We will walk across it together.

The world, without crystal bubbles...

No one knew she was a princess;
hated with cruelty,
envied by serpents.
She was attacked
by those who didn´t accept
her greatness.
Go on!
You are a princess!

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