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Sons of the Earth - text


The ground shakes,
the war cries are heard,
the wind brings their hope for victory.
The bonfires fill the horizon
creating their own dawn,
the night lighted by their great pride.

They run through my forests,
destroy my trees,
converting my body in their weapons.
I hear the beat of their hearts.

They fight as brothers
and love the ones on their side
but there are no sides on the Earth, sons of the Earth.

Because you all come from my depths,
you are all brothers under the same sky,
in the same paradise.
The Earth talks to them
as never before.

Cross my forests without fear
for your Mother Earth.
She will guide you
in the most difficult battle:
the path of life.

They cross indestructible
among the shadows of my forests
like men of pure heavy steel,
like titans in the world,
like wild beasts
they write their destiny with blood.

They fight as brothers...

They fight as brothers...

Don´t let yourselves be blinded
by the thirst for victory.
Remember the innocence once had.
Oh, remember please.

Branches of my trees
stretch as arms trying to reach
the peace for them.
The leaves fly like messages in the wind,
the earth shakes,
the rivers get furious,
the winds blow.
But man can´t see beyond
his bloody road.

But at the end
I feel the blood
running through my forests.
I feel my land growing
with the ashes of the fallen.

I write a message for my sons,
everything in me cries for peace.
The dance of the Earth.

And with all this shame
I still hear the chant of victory
of those I must recognize as sons.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidala Himawari

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