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You spread your lies like a black plague
Cut off your nose just to spite your face
Cover it up like I don’t know
There’s no exception
You reap what you sow

Look in the mirror
Tell me what you see
You’ll die alone

You’re just a thorn in my side
Fire to my ice
Dragging me down to hell with you
Choke on your words
You’re only a curse
You won’t be
Dragging me down to hell with you
I’ll live on you’ll die alone

You’re finding joy in my misery
How can you smile while you’re pulling my teeth?
Torture me slowly and endlessly
Twisting the knife cause it’s what you need

You’ll learn to beg the way that you taught me
You’ll learn to bear the pain that you caused me
It’s time to crawl in your grave
Along with your mistakes

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