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Last Day Of Summer - text

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Keep the spirit up
you’re in the zone
You’re doing fine
Long lost kisses,
wet goodbyes
are yet for you to define
The future’s bright, you passed your grade
You’re just about to get laid
Oh, yeah..
Wake up late with a smile
just knowin’ it’s all-right
to fall asleep again
The girl from yesterday
leaves a number
but you really don’t have to take a stand
It’s all-right you do what you like
(The) Last day of summer has gone
Autumn leaves have covered your lawn
(The) Last day of summer moved on
The only thing that counts is the woman you won
Take a look around
this may be
your last warm sunny day
Ask your friends
to come along
and share a Kodak? moment
- for keeps
for good old memories
(The) Last day of summer…
(stikk solo)
(The) Last day of summer…

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