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How many times have I seen?
You only get to keep the ones that you love
So if not, why bother.
If you could pick and choose from the top of the shelf
It wouldn't have worked because you'd be aiming too high
You really want someone you like

For you
For you

I see you right there, with broken eyes
What are you trying to do to yourself?
Pls forget it and move on
You always want the things hard to get, and when you get them,
You want something else, whatever that may be

For you
For you

For You
For you

All this time, where did it go?
I can’t believe my eyes, but you know I'm here for you
I'm here for you
So when you walk out there, let me end and say
May the best of luck, may it guide you on your way, wherever that may lead

For You
[I'll be here for you]

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