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Tribunal Of The Dead - text


I fear I may have Fallen out With the Regime
An Enemy of the State
My Name is Written Amongst the Disgraced
On a Clay Image of a Bound Human Captive

I Bring Incense To Appease The Forthy Two Assessors
The Tribunal of the Dead
I Bring Natron The Imbibing of Which Purifies

Thot Who Vindicated Osiris
Entrap Mine Enemies in the Presence of Every God and Godess

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
In Heliopolis on that Night of Battle
Of the Slaughter of those who Rebelled

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
In Abydos on the night of the Festival
Of the Numbering of the Dead

In the Presence of the Great Tribunal
Which is on the Road of the Dead
In the Presence of He that is Nothing
On the Night of the Great Devastation

Lords of Justice Lords of the West
Who Pass Judgment upon the Dead
Who Instill Terror in those who have wrought Wickedness

I have come that you may drive out the Evil which is in me
All that I have done Before the Lords of Eternity
Since I Came Forth from the Womb

Let me Be Cleansed By Fire
Let no Evil Lay Talon or Claw Upon Me
Let my heart not be devoured


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At the Gate of Sethu

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