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Natural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual.. - text


I Bow down to the Glorious Transcent One
Vajra Kumara
Whose Face Frowns with Wrath
In Order that My Living Being
Be Released from the Extreme Suffering
And all The Unremitting And Bitter Sorrows of Death

Lifespan Threatened
By Imbalanced Elemental Forces And Malevolent Spirits
Flame of Life nearly Extinguished
The Signs of Impending Death Have Manifested

Red Wheel of the Fire Element Inscribed with the Five Rams
Yellow Wheel of the Earth Inscribed With the Five Lams
The White Wheel of Water Inscribed with the Five Khams
The Azure Wheel of Space With the Five E Syllables

I Bow down to the Mahakarunika
Who is a Sanctuary of Great Bliss
I Enter the Triangular Dark Pit
And utter the Syllables of Elemental Fire
Black demon Black Demon Black Demon

The Cornea of my Eyes has begun to Fade
The Hair on the back of my neck has grown upwards
My eyes stare Fixedly
My Limbs are subject to Spasms

Three Times I Place a Dog Tail Beneath me
Place his Excrement before me
Eat a Mouthful and Bark like a Dog

The Severing of the Bond Between Atmosphere and Earth is Nearly Complete
The Fall of the White Rider has Occurred
The Rupturing of the Great Tree has come to Pass
My Urine is Blackish and Putrid My Excrement has no Vapour
The Seed Symbols have appeared on the Skull of a Horse
The One Legged Yavati has Arisen as an Enemy of the Wish Granting Tree
I make the Ritual of Averting Death
A Means of Liberating Sentient Beings From their Sufferings
May I be counted Worthy of Past Actions

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