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Sun Down - text

I wanna stand
on the moutain that's way up there
connecting all the street lights shining
heading off to light up
who knows where

And I wanna know
if you've ever felt the same way too
throwing up your hands
and putting down all the things
that you were supposed to do

Well the future's got some missing teeth
seems the world, at any second
could be a memory
at sun down

And I wanna skip
all the spaces where the air gets thin
taking all the backstreets
avoiding where the ends meet up again

And I wanna know
well if you ever felt the same way too
staring at the plans
since you know you weren't ever
really planning to do

Well, the ghosts are picking up the scent
seems the locks on all the doors won't be relevant
come sun down

I wanna walk
with the feeling that I'm getting somewhere
moving to a new moon rising
it could be miles before
I start to care

And I wanna know
well if you ever felt the same way too
sticking out your head
for anyone or anything that
you might hold on to

They put money in those big accounts
seems the price on what it all means
can get the cheque to bounce
at sun down

Text přidal DaxieLJesus

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