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The Voyage of Endurance - text


Their destination: The Kingdom of Ice
A hell that already froze over
The roar of the engine
The smell of the sea
The captain and crew celebrate
They're on their way

Many before them had witnessed the might
And the cold in this desert in white
Unveiling the mysteries unknown to man
A quest for the breathtaking sight

"By endurance we conquer", he said
As they slowly made way to their goal
The ship carried on through the wild open sea
With everything under control
They're on their way

Then the mighty Atlantic
A beast no one can tame
Showed its most combative side
The waves ever rising
No mercy in sight
Drifting off course all the time

Held by the chains of the wind
And the green heart is punished by ice
Sadly adrift on a treacherous sea
They fear there might be no return
But they carry on

Days from their goal
A miscalculated decision
Imprisoned by ice
So close to open water

Dreams cruble to dust
As the sun sank below the horizon
The long winter began
Months of perpetual darkness

Then the sea came to life
But Endurance gave up to the torment
They abandoned ship
And hurriedly made their escape

Further away from land
Than where when they started
Tormented by hunger and thirst
Losing their faith
Facing disaster

After a year on the ice
Finally land was in sight
Safe on the island a few men decide
On a journey to find their salvation

Luck and their knowledge of stars
Brought them to their destination
Arranged for the rescue of the ones left behind
All men were brought back alive

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