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All I can feel is the beat of my heart
And I count every breath that I take
The darkness will drain all the pleasure and pain
And delete all emotions inside of me

For better or worse
There s shadow in my soul now
I feel it inside as I am fading away
The replay of my life
I see it running in my mind now
Familiar faces smiling back at me
On the day I was born

Now I am dying all alone

A view from the past will remind me of the good times
That I had in the innocent days
I was one of the young with a spirit so strong
Never knew make believe from reality

The tears that I cry
Through the eyes of the betrayer
It might be the last that I taste in this life
There s no room for the sorrow in this is image of a lifetime
Only delight and the joy life has given me...

Oh, it s a taking me back to the glory days
I smile as I fade in this empty space
The memories awake and this feels like I m alive
In this glory days

I have no regrets; I know there is no return
Awaiting the end it all
But I m walking of air every minute in here
This is a beautiful way to go

It s a taking me back to the glory days..

I know the end will soon be here
And all I am will disappear
I wish I could stay in wonderland
And relive the glory days

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