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The Wrath of the Gods - text

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From the mountains of the eternal winter
Where the weak men are dooming to die
(We) came across the path of the Norsemen
To know the one who can save us all
Many good men have died in the journey
So you’d better be right with your words
Face me with your powerful man
I will check if the legend is true
Calm down my friend there’s no reason to fight
Only true friends you will find here
All this men will follow us ready to fly, ready to fly
Ride, fight with us, for the Wrath of the gods!
Fight for your kingdom come, your kingdom come
All you say is so nice and inspiring
But thirst for blood is guiding my hand
Give us now the chance for revenge
And we’ll follow you, brothers, to death
Calm down my friend, it’s no time for revenge
Calm down your thirst and your tiredness
(There) will be time to give all your enemies death, there will be death
Ride, fight with us, for the Wrath of the gods!
Rise for your kingdom
Fight till you die, for the Wrath of the gods!
Follow the sign of the ancients now
Follow the sign

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