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The Secret Admirer - text


I admire thou naked neck
Its sight makes me shred
How the hell its holder should feel
With Such a treasure by hear seal

Tragic things surely turn me on
And that's the reason I stay forlorn
It is for that nature of mine
You avoid my look, you wish me to die ?

Shine as a brand new hawk
Your eyesight makes me cold
As far as sun folds the mortals' earth
You're the colour of my breath

Those servants and their commun likes
Sunblinded, dead all lie
Unable to see the light
It's hidden they claim, in fat inside

I wonder, thus my self... I ask
Is my temptation the moral's mask ?
... my nature I kiss, this beast within
My passion peaks, real life grows in.

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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