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The Nightwatch - text


The guards of rules, so dire /
Never scorned, never tired
Flames come out of guns /
Knives mark their lands

Stare the skies and pray your lord /
Let us do the sneaky work
The arm of law is strong and bold /
In the name of noble oath

God forgive them all,
it is their thirst for striking mesmerizing gold

Hail to the Nightwatch

Honored to secure the rights in life /
Faith, astounding, atrocious siren in white

Oath, the epitome of spiritual life /
Loathe the symptom of grime

Glorious arms, shine so great /
Power's taste defines their fate
The sun seems below their seats /
Dramatic looks, resembling kings

Prepare your gear the worst to meet /
In darkness lurks the evil deed
With dignity and pure beliefs /
The Nightwatch created its myth

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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