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Problem (Rock Cover) (Ariana Grande) (Nightco.. - text


Is this a good fake laugh?
It's Uggie Uggs
I got voice and speech problems

Parody of problem
My name is Ariana Grande
I'm in anime carto -o-o-oon
I don't know what to do with my hands
Because i can't dance
that's why i Brought these dudes
Here's my horny sadface
It's hella creepy
Because I look like i'm eleven
and in a pageant
with Honey Boo-Boo
This is my warm-up that shows up my high notes
Chorus is coming, build to a crescendo

Got one small secret to tell you
I got laryngitis and can't do
that epic chorus i promised you
You just killed a perfect pop song

I was out late partyin' til two
so sorry to disappoint you
i could stay and whisper it for you
well i guess that's better than nothin'

That's fifty dollars for a T-shirt
get outta here Macklemore!
Sorry! Thought i heard my hook

This is the song of summer
and that's a bummer
Cause it kinda blows
but all you kids are gonna buy it
because you liked all
my shitty shows
ponytail is too tight
it pulls back my eyes
it's makin' me look kinda crazy
and kinda Asian
But it's my one hairdo
Everyone's saying I'm the next Mariah
but I'm not an old mess
And i can sing higher

I'll touch my face cause it's looks cool
I'm not really sure what else to do
but i want to stayand support you
just go home you sound like Gollum
Okay I actually feel sick
And again so sorry about this
Just give my rap to the white chick
Well that's one less one less paycheck
I'm not getting paid for this?
Hold on

Excuse me sir
Big booty Betty busti'n out some bubbalicious bling
I ain't got the slightest clue
What the hell i'm saying
My voice is a cross between a baby and Biggie and Bane
For the hundredth time
No I'm not actually
Marlon Wayans
My first name is Iggy my last name's Azalea
Nah i ain't from the hood
I'm actually Australian
I'm huffin' and puffin' and bluffin'
just fillin' up the space
this is the vocal equivalent of blackface
They say i'm ridic, a chick version of Pitbull
I would say that's accurate
so you cant call me Titbull
How much would a woodchuck if it could chuck wood
I got 99 verses but they ain't that good
Like that
You got white girl rhymin' problems
Yeah i know that, however
I got street cred' cause of my bum

I'm going to end with a pitch humans can't hear
it will make blood come right out of your dog's ears

I can do the whispering for you
The Dark Knight has come to the rescue
you won't ever have to say thank you
Shouldn't you be back in Gotham?

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