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Goodbye (Deligma) (Nightcore) - text


I wrote my name in your mind
I sat unloved until I was numb
And i want to feel the freedom for the first time desperately
And i want to recerate the energy... forever!

Now you´re holding everything against me against me
Puliing on the strings that offend me offend me

It´s like at time we´re in our own little worlds
But we might have to change and we might have to grow
Some things are never as they seem
So this might be our last chance to say goodbye

Elevate me
Until my legs shake
Elevate me
Until my lungs break

We´re not so different are we, you and I?
We lost our foundation but i guess it´s life
We sit here in silence nothing is driving us to move
So much inner frustration our values suffering it´ll never go away

Cause even if I knew who you I would belong to I would have tried to find you
And now we´re still bleeding for purpose and meaning
Show me the path to cling onto

Oh world let me out of this dream i wasn´t ready for this but i can still believe
My hope comes from a power inside, it´s spinning out of control

Reality will smash you in the face one day
But how I´d like to be with you so fall away
It´s not enough to correct myself
So I won´t help another sole

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