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Enemy (Simon Curtis) (Nightcore) - text


All this time I thought you knew
I thought you were aware
Of how much I would do for you
Of just how much I cared
All this time you sat here thinking that I wouldn't give
Every bit of life of mine
Just so that you could live
And now all that I feel from you is bitterness and cold
I'm hearing what you say
But not believing what I'm told

Please hold me like you did before
We don't know what we're fighting for
I need you
Won't you stay with me?
Cause I don't wanna be
Your enemy

You built so many walls around me that you couldn't see
That without you
There is no us
There is not even me
I'm standing here before you
With no armor
Lying bare
Lying stranded and defenseless
You could help me if you care
You built so many walls around me that I wouldn't dare try to climb them
But I'm standing with a white flag in the air

Don't let me be your

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