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Another Five Nights (JT Machinima) (Nightcore.. - text


It's time, my friends
To rise, again!

[Verse 1: Springtrap]
Your first night on the job
Not sure you wanna punch in
Because once you're on the clock
You know I'm up to something
I'm sure you heard disturbing rumors
How things in the night go bumpin'
30 years have passed and it's amazing
That I still continue to function
Those first five nights were such a bore
Just wait for what I've got in store
Nowhere to hide, can't shut the doors
Am I machine or something more?
There must be more to my rotten core
Than a walking talking robotic corpse
Better check the time, that's what the clock is for
You never should've picked this job, of course
Look at the bright side, you will not get bored
You're the next victim that I'm coming for
It won't cost your job, but it'll cost you more
Tomorrow they'll wipe your guts off the floor

You spent so many nights, but here's another five
You'll come to realize evil doesn't die
I know you're frightened by the thought of what's inside
Hiding behind my lifeless eyes
Enjoy these five long nights
Kick back and grab a slice
If you get killed on the job
We will not cover you're loss
So while you're here, try not to die

[Verse 2]
Fazbear's Fright, it's the horror attraction
All systems go and I'm ready for action
This is our brand new show
And you're sitting in the front row
Five nights never went by so slow
Power core is activated
It's potent evil that you've awakened
Every sin I've committed reflects in my death
Left to decay, can you smell me yet?
Take great care of the air supply
Beware nightmares, they come to life
Don't let your cameras go offline, dude
You'd better find me before I find you
You'll wish you were never hired
It's a long shift, but you won't get tired
After tonight, you just might retire
Then try to find a simple 9-5 or
Anything that's not an overnight survivor
Last thing on your mind is getting fired
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
You're gonna burn with the rest of us


[Verse 3]
Six o'clock is right around the bend
Five Nights at Freddy's coming to an end
Let's reminisce all the time that we spent
Why would you quit when you can relive it again and again?

[JT Machinima]
Is this job even worth a damn?!
After tonight, I might not work again!
It's a brand new gig, I gotta learn again
Springtrap? Who's that? Never heard of him!
Tell me: what the hell is a Purple Man?!
I'm dripping sweat, turn up the fan
I hate this place, we should burn it, man
Or maybe a raise? Cuz I think I've earned it, man!

You didn't know what you were getting into
You're never alone because I'm in here with you
Your audio having an issue
I'm a killing machine, now I'm coming to get you
The situation is as bad as can be
Don't ask my name, cuz you know that it's me


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